A cup of tea

A cup of Tea, the original Witch's brew, is an Alchemical process accomplished through the practical application of Natural Magick, as all four elements are combined creating a potion to benefit the body and spirit. Tea leaves, herbs or spices, representing the element of EARTH are placed in a vessel also representing the element of EARTH, as well as the womb of the Mother. FIRE is then used to heat the WATER until it reaches the point where it begins to transmute into the element of AIR. This mixture of WATER heated by FIRE, and AIR in the form of steam is then poured over the Herbs of the EARTH. The result is a Magickal infusion born from the delicate blending of all four elements which can be used to the benefit of various parts of the mind, body or spirit, depending upon the specific herbs or ingredients selected for the brew. It's truly an honor for us to carry on this ancient tradition and we are truly honored to be able to offer a variety of straight and blended Black, Green and Herbal, house blended and specialty teas each with their own specific character and distinct flavor profile for those who desire to carry on and partaker of this Magickal tradition, themselves. These are the teas we drink at home and the teas friends and family are offered a cup of when they come to visit. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!




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