Gathering Goatnuts

Almost everyone knows that Jojoba oil is amazing for skin care and is well known as the most eco-friendly and sustainable ingredient in a wide range of modern cosmetic products. But, did you know that this desert plant actually played a part in saving the whales? At the height of the whaling crisis it was discovered that Jojoba oil could not only be used as a substitute for whale oil, but actually outperforms whale oil in every capacity. In 1972 Mexico created the worlds first Marine Protected Area and was the worlds first country to ban whaling (before the 1986 ban imposed by the international whaling commission) and promote eco-tourism rather than the hunting of whales as whale oil slowly began to be completely replaced by Jojoba oil, derived from a plant native to Northern Mexico and the American southwest. As a result, whales were then free to safely return, yearly, to their ancestral breeding grounds in the gulf of California and along the pacific coast of northern Mexico where they continue to be protected to this day. Just another example of how everything is interconnected and how the smallest most seemingly insignificant things can have a profound affect on the world as a whole. Good for the Earth, good for the whales and good for the people. Goatnuts for the win.

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